Herbal Breast Enhancement – Do they Work?


Non-surgical breast enhancement and herbal breast enhancement products are fast becoming a real and effective breast enlargement alternative for women who either don’t want the artificial look and feel of breast implants.


Maybe they cannot afford the surgery, do not want to take the risk, or simply have never even considered having cosmetic surgery to correct or enhance any physical feature they are not satisfied with.


There are actually quite a few mediocre herbal breast enhancement products on the market today, mostly sold online or in herbal supplement shops, so a buyer must be prudent in shopping around for quality.


Non-surgical breast enhancement alternatives can be in the form of a device (like Brava or other breast suction devices), which are worn kind of like a large bra and must be used several times a day or for several hours.


Herbal breast enhancement products, which generally use phytoestrogen or plant estrogen synthesis technology to stimulate the mammary glands and promote breast tissue growth),


natural breast growth promotion supplements (non-phytoestrogen), and even hypnosis are other forms of non-surgical breast enhancement gaining popularity as alternatives to surgery.


Herbal breast enhancement products like Bloussant, Erdic and the like, use phytoestrogen technology to boost breast growth.


The only problem with traditional herbal breast enhancement products like this is that sometimes the effects may not last, due to a sudden spike in the body’s estrogen, and the subsequent release of the estrogen gained during the usage of the product results in loss of some of or all of the breast tissue growth once the supplement is discontinued.


There is actually a non-surgical breast enhancement product that does produce permanent breast growth and maintenance, due to the fact that it does not use traditional herbal phytoestrogen utilization, but rather induces permanent breast growth by stimulating the body’s own pituitary gland and continuing the breast growth cycle that was stunted.


Not only that, but if you do not adhere to a proper lifestyle and diet, some women can experience weight gain, increased cellulite, acne breakouts, and other hormonally induced problems on traditional herbal breast enhancement products, due to a high concentration of estrogenic compounds.


The female body is not designed to handle such an influx of estrogen, even if it is plant derived. So please be mindful and ask questions of the manufacturer if you are considering a traditional phytoestrogenic herbal breast enhancement product – make sure it has just the right balance of estrogenic compounds, not an over-abundance of them.


Common complaints with the non-surgical breast enhancement “breast suction devices” like the Brava breast enhancer system, are that they may irritate skin, are bulky and hard to conceal, require too much time to gain any kind of results, and are high in cost and a burden to maintain due to the required physician supervision.


The Brava system has proven to be effective in several cases though, but it does take a large time commitment and patience with the process and work that goes along with it.


Other non-surgical breast enhancers like hypnosis are a little harder to pin down. I haven’t actually read any success stories with hypnosis for breast enhancement and enlargement, but that certainly doesn’t mean there haven’t been some women who have achieved permanent breast tissue growth.


I would approach this method of breast enhancing with extreme caution and suspicion. As with any other non-surgical breast enhancement product, do your research, be prepared for any possible side effects, and know the company’s success rate by researching complaints on the internet or through other resources.


Herbal breast enhancement and non-surgical breast enhancement is becoming the focus of a lot of attention, both positive and negative, and is also the subject of much contention and controversy amongst the medical community.


The fact is, there are proven and highly successful alternatives to surgical breast enhancement and enlargement, you just need to know where to look!


How to Increase Breast Size Naturally


Almost all females would like their breasts to appear fabulous and full. The size of a ladies breast’s can actually produce thoughts of jealousy and self uncertainty.


How to Naturally Grow Breast


The demand for women to improve their own bust measurement has brought about the invention of many breast enhancer strategies. One solution may be to just get in touch with a breast surgeon and have your breasts surgically enhanced.


Despite the fact that medical procedures can improve the look of your bosom, it is possible to see when a woman has unnatural improvements. Your breasts will be stiff and hard to the touch.


Females throughout different areas of the world are becoming a lot more interested in non-surgical breast enlargement approaches. This merely displays that they’re looking for better and more affordable ways to augment their breasts.


Natural Breast products and comparable goods have experienced a growth in product sales caused by ladies seeking normal feeling bosom. You may get such products at health shops and drug stores. A number of these products and solutions can also be found on the internet.


The wonderful thing about purchasing them online is the fact that a lot of them give you a guarantee so you are certain to have a product that work well or mail it back for your refund. This will be the best way if you feel you’ll need a refund after trying it.


Ladies see the smooth normal feel that these natural breast products give their busts compared to the surgery alternative of enhancement. You will absolutely love the natural feel. One thing to keep in mind is that these natural breast products are made for the woman who really loves there body and really want to take care of it properly.


Additionally, you will maintain your organic look. You can feel comfortable knowing that there will be no implants and you’ll have absolutely no risks of acquiring skin conditions in the end.


Not to mention the many check-ups or follow-up surgical procedures needed with implants that can be be avoided. Why don’t you make use of a compound of pure ingredients created especially for boosting the mammary glands?


You will notice a striking development in the growth of your bosoms when fresh mammary tissue is developed. Over time, you’ll get the breasts which you have been longing for.


Previous clients will tell you that’s its worth getting. Having this info can save you lots of despair later on. A very important factor to bear in mind on your quest to larger busts is the food you eat.


Your bodies cells grow much better when adequately nourished. These brand new better cells can dramatically help your successes. So remember this when you use any breast enhancer product.


A few stuff that can become problematic as part of your effort to increasing your chests are generally food stuff like soda pops, wine, and caffeinated drinks.


It is important to keep your entire body properly hydrated so choose things such as natural teas and fruit juices.

Some Handy Breast Enlargement Tips


So, уоu wаnt larger, fuller, firmer breasts. Wеlсоmе tо thе club. Іt sееms nо matter whо уоu аrе оr whаt country уоu hail frоm, breast size іs іmроrtаnt. Аnd whо doesn’t wаnt beautiful breasts? Еvеn apart frоm societal standards оf beauty – hаvіng beautiful breasts іs, well, а beautiful feeling.


Some Handy Breast Enlargement Tips


If you’ve bееn desiring larger, fuller, firmer breasts fоr awhile, you’ve рrоbаblу bееn researching hоw tо gеt bigger breasts. Мауbе you’ve considered surgery, but shied аwау duе tо thе risks аnd costs involved.


Мауbе you’ve еvеn dоnе а round оr twо оf sоmе sort оf infomercial breast enlargement product. Аnd thеn, реrhарs you’ve finally reached thе point whеrе уоu’rе determined tо dо sоmеthіng (аnуthіng!) аbоut уоur flat оr sagging оr sunken breasts.


Welcome tо thе wоrld оf natural breast enhancement. Іt’s а wild woolly wоrld, filled wіth hyped-up advertisements аnd snake oil salesmen galore. Вut guess whаt? Amidst аll thе trash, thеrе іs sоmе truth аnd уеs, natural breast enhancement іs possible.


It dоеs hаvе іts limits, оf course, аnd уоu nееd tо bе realistic wіth уоur expectations bеfоrе delving іntо thіs natural breast enhancement journey. Yоur breasts will ΝОТ inflate 3 cup sizes overnight, thеу will ΝЕVЕR completely overcome gravity, аnd nо, thеу will рrоbаblу nеvеr lооk lіkе Pamela Anderson’s (thаnk God) frоm natural breast enhancement.


But wіth time, determination, аnd knowledge, natural breast enhancement саn definitely increase уоur breasts – еvеn а fеw cup sizes. Whаt’s еvеn better аbоut thіs іs thаt whеn dоnе properly, уоu will nоt оnlу gain а bigger bust frоm thе experience – you’ll learn mоrе аbоut уоur body thаn уоu еvеr knew уоu didn’t know.


As уоu happily contemplate thе prospect оf growing, firming, аnd lifting thоsе breasts, tаkе thе time tо explore thе vаrіоus natural breast enhancement options аvаіlаblе tо уоu. Тhіs website іs dedicated аs а resource fоr women whо аrе serious аbоut gaining larger, firmer, аnd fuller breasts.


Please feel free tо lооk аrоund bеfоrе уоu decide whісh method оf natural breast enhancement tо explore. Аll thе іnfоrmаtіоn provided оn thіs site іs free аnd will remain free tо аll seekers оf thе bigger breast.


Here аrе а fеw tips оn starting уоur natural breast enhancement journey.


Tір #1. Тhіnk holistically

Natural breast enhancement іs nоt fоr thе lazy – developing а lasting increase іn size аnd shape іs роssіblе, but уоu’rе mоst lіkеlу going tо hаvе tо dо а lot mоrе thаn simply popping а pill а day.


A great wау tо naturally enhance уоur breasts іs tо target breast growth bоth internally, аs well аs externally wіth massage, exercise, аnd breast enhancement creams.


Whу nоt аlsо add а breast enlargement pump fоr аn еvеn greater boost? А great breast enlargement pump іs easy tо usе аnd surprisingly effective іn helping уоu grow larger, plumper breasts аs well аs evening оut uneven breasts.


Аnd lаst but nоt lеаst, don’t forget аbоut targeting breast growth оn а psychological level, whіlе уоu’rе аt іt. Breast enhancement hypnosis tapes аrе аn effortless wау оf helping уоu grow bigger breasts – јust leave thеm оn overnight аs уоu sleep!


Tір #2. Κnоw уоur options

There аrе tons аnd tons аnd tons оf natural breast enhancement products оut thеrе. Be sure to check out our top 3 products we have selected for to try.


These are currently the best natural guides out there that shows you how to enlarge your breasts naturally


Tір #3. Ве nice tо уоur body аnd it’ll bе nice tо you.

Generally, whаt’s good fоr thе body іs аlsо good fоr thе breasts. Ѕіnсе vanity іs а wonderful motivator, trу tо usе this time tо develop habits thаt аrе great fоr уоur body аnd breasts.


These include exercise (raises human growth hormone production,one оf thе essential hormones fоr breast growth), cutting оut fried аnd processed foods (уоur breasts nееd real food tо grow), аnd pampering уоursеlf rаthеr thаn allowing уоursеlf tо gеt stressed оut (stress іs majorly bad fоr thе breasts).


Tір #4. Experiment!

There аrе sеvеrаl methods оf natural breast enhancement. Ѕоmе mау work fоr уоu, sоmе mау nоt. Вut аs уоu trу things оut, you’ll bесоmе mоrе aware оf whаt works fоr уоur individual body аnd whаt doesn’t.


This іs оnе оf thе best things аbоut natural breast enhancement – аs уоu progress, уоu will bесоmе muсh mоrе aware оf whаt уоu рut іn уоur body, hоw уоur body works, аnd whаt уоur body responds to.


Tір #5. Наvе fun!

You’re рrоbаblу а lіttlе impatient tо hаvе thоsе breasts you’ve bееn dreaming оf, but hey! you’ll bе thеrе sooner thаn уоu knоw, sо whу nоt enjoy thе process іn thе mеаntіmе?

How To Make Your Breast Bigger with Makeup


Learning how to make your breasts bigger with makeup should be pretty exciting. It is natural for women to enjoy making themselves up. Even as a little girl, you must have had loads of fun playing makeup tricks with your friends.

How To Make Your Breast Bigger with Makeup

Makeup kits in all shapes, colors, and sizes must have decorated your home when you were little, and even until now. Makeup isn’t intended for the face only, as you must know; you can use it to enhance certain parts of your body, like your breasts, as well.


How To Make Your Breast Bigger with Makeup



First, wear a push up bra. Push-up bras are created to give your bust an instant lift. In the absence of which you can wear a water bra which contains pockets filled with water so that your breasts will look bigger.


If you are going to wear something with a very low neckline, you can try wearing a triangular-shaped bra that is a size smaller than your usual size underneath.



Get dressed for the occasion but make sure to line the edge of your dress with a cloth or facial tissue so it doesn’t get smeared with makeup.



Use a bronzer or powder in a darker shade to line the area between your breasts. Blend well, and creating a Vee along the curve of the breast.


Darken the color for deeper-looking cleavage, but control the application so it does not look fake.



Now apply a lighter shade (white or pale gold is preferred, but make sure it does not contain a lot of shimmer) on the upper half of your breasts. Blend well using a good quality sponge.



You’re done. Walk tall, stand straight with your back slightly arched so that your breasts push forward. Your friends will think you just got a surgical breast lift!


But you have to remember that this strategy is only temporary. If you want permanent results, then you must work on a few exercises that will develop your pectoral muscles and/or flatten your tummy.


A popular exercise involves weight lifting. Just simply hold a dumbbell in each of your hands and raise one arm after the other. Do this 12 times a day.


Doing wall push-ups is also a good way to develop your chest muscles. A wall push-up is pretty much the same with the traditional push-up; the only difference is that you are in a standing position and pushing against the wall, instead of lying face down and pushing against the floor.


Twelve to 15 wall-ups a day can make a big difference in your chest muscles, you’ll see! You might consider investing on a breast enhancing machine to help you exercise more effectively. Breast enhancing machines have gotten to be popular among women who want a more convenient way of exercising their chest muscles.


A breast massage two or three times a week will also do you a lot of good. A breast massage is ideally done by a therapist, but you can by all means do it yourself in the comfort of your own home. Just make sure you know how to do each step to the letter to ensure guaranteed results.


Needless to say, when you have a social gathering to go to and you need to dress up in your most fabulous gown, simply go over the trick how to make your breasts bigger with makeup for instant cleavage.

How to get Firmer & Bigger Breasts with Breast Message


Breast massage boosts growth and facilitates breast tone besides making the breasts firm, strong and flexible. Breast massage helps in the growth of a sexy bust. Regular massage will make you develop a bust that will be the envy of so many ladies.


How to get Firmer & Bigger Breasts with Breast Message


It is the top secret that ladies all over the world have come to learn. It works wonders and will make men steal glances at you as you pass in parks and shopping malls.


Beauty and massage parlors in Africa have used breast massage as a healthy form of lymphatic drainage and breast growth. With regular breast massage, you will cut costs on hospital expenses of going to drain lymph nodes that develop in breasts.


These savings can go towards your other beauty needs like facial or pedicures and manicures. The expensive breast surgery to enlarge breast, will also be a past tense.


By use of this method, you will avoid injecting your body with those crazy hormones to enlarge your breasts (which at times, depending on your body system, might react to cause some side effects which will affect you permanently). With this type of massage, you have no worry about the outcome.


The outcome is always positive because there is no use of additives to your body to make the breasts firmer, sexier and bigger.


This massage is also known to prevent breast cancer. As we all are aware of the cost of treating cancer, prevention, and in a natural way, is better than cure. I will encourage all ladies with breasts, to go the natural way, the massage way to develop a cancer free world.


When you regularly massage your breasts, you will be in a position to feel any lamp that might be growing in your breasts and seek medical attention early enough to avoid cancer. It is normally good as a post operative therapy for women who have experienced breast surgery, mastectomies, or distress to the areas around the breast.




Just like any other form of massage, it gives women back their femininity, confidence and peace of mind. Massaging breast must be done properly and with exerting only moderate pressure.


Not only does massaging breast make them firm, it makes them healthier and bigger too and aids in maintaining the balance of hormones in a woman’s body. It prevents sagging and loosening of breast tissues making them firmer and attractive for a longer time.


So all women, lets do it regularly and with pride. When you do it regularly, you will develop a more beautiful bust line. For best Results Massage your breast in the comfort of your home or seek out a professional.

Best Foods To Eat For Bigger Breasts


Breast augmentation surgery is a billion dollar industry with many women willing to go under the knife in order to have bigger breasts. But before you go under the knife, you should know that there are many natural ways to make your dreams of having larger breasts come true.


Best Foods To Eat For Bigger Breasts


One of these is to use food. If you are interested in this, here are some of the top natural breast enhancement foods you need to eat more of for a larger bust.


Why do I have small breasts?

There are many reasons why many women have small breasts and one of the top reasons is having excess amounts of the male hormone testosterone. Yes, women do have testosterone in their bodies but ideally, it should only be in small amounts.


The female hormone known as estrogen usually kicks in at puberty to enable breast growth and the development of curves. Men also have estrogen but ideally, it is in small amounts that are much less than that in woman.


Men with excess amounts of estrogen may have less body hair, hips, bigger butts, man boobs (moobs), etc. Conversely, in addition to having small breasts, women with excessive amounts of testosterone may have more body hair, deeper voices, an Adam’s apple, broad shoulders, etc.


Keep in mind that an excessive amount of testosterone is just one cause of having small breasts. Excess testosterone production suppresses estrogen’s breast growing capability.


Hormonal imbalance is usually noted at puberty, during menopause, during the menstrual cycle, during pregnancy, etc. This imbalance may lead to excessive production of testosterone which then supersedes the activity of estrogen.


The exception is that during pregnancy, the breasts actually grow bigger but it is not because of estrogen. During pregnancy, another hormone in the female body known as progesterone is responsible for enlarging the breasts during pregnancy as well as milk production after birth.


Since getting pregnant just to have bigger breasts may be out of the question and surgery costs too much and comes with unpleasant side effects besides the fake looking breasts, what can you do to get bigger breasts?


Increasing the levels of estrogen in the body may work if excessive testosterone is the reason for your small breasts.


One of the best ways to boost levels of estrogen in your body is to eat certain foods that are rich in estrogen. This helps to maintain the proper estrogen/testosterone balance which can increase breast size. Some of the top breast enhancing foods that are rich in estrogen include the following;


The Best Natural breast enhancement foods


#1. Fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains

These contain phyto (plant) estrogens that mimic the action of the estrogen produced by the body. The increase of estrogen in the body due to eating these phytoestrogen rich foods helps to control testosterone production and may lead to breast enhancement.


Best Foods To Eat For Bigger Breasts-fruits-and-vegetables


Vegetables and legumes that are rich sources of phytoestrogens include carrots, beets, cucumbers, soybean sprouts, garlic, green beans, chickpeas, black eyed peas, etc.


Fruits rich in estrogen include cherries, apples, peaches, dried prunes, strawberries, raspberries, etc.


Grains and seeds that are estrogen rich include flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, barley, wheat, rice, etc.


#2. Green vegetables and leaves

As breasts enlarge, eating green vegetables and leaves can also help to prevent the related stretch marks as the skin expands to accommodate the larger breasts. Large breasts are great but not when they are covered with stretch marks.


#3. Nuts

Nuts such as chestnuts, pistachios, walnuts, etc, contain high amounts of breast enhancing phytoestrogens.


#4. Herbs

There are many herbs that are usually recommended for natural breast growth because they contain some of the richest sources of phytoestrogens. Many of these herbs also contain more than one type of phytoestrogens. Highly performing herbs for breast enlargement include but are not limited to;


Best Foods To Eat For Bigger Breasts-herbs


  • Pueraria mirifica which is native to Thailand and Myanmar and contains more than four different types of phytoestrogens some of which are only found in this herb.
  • Watercress leaf which is rich in various phytonutrients.
  • Red clover is very rich in isoflavones which are water soluble chemicals that mimic estrogen.
  • Fenugreek seeds and sprouts are highly valued not only for breast enhancement but for increased milk production in nursing women.
  • Saw palmetto berry oil contains a variety of physosterols which can also help reverse atrophy (wasting away) of the mammary gland.
  • Fennel seeds are abundant in flavonoids which are compounds with estrogenic properties.
  • Wild yam root contains very powerful phytochemicals that can help with natural breast enlargement.
  • Dong quai root which should really be crowned the ultimate female herb as it wears many hats and is usually recommended for various feminine issues can also help stimulate breast enlargement when used correctly.


 #5. Chicken

Chicken is one of the top natural breast enhancement foods as it helps to increase the production of estrogen. Do try to avoid the chemical laden chicken and only eat the meat obtained from free range chickens that are not pumped full of antibiotics, steroids and other chemicals that may have negative consequences in your body.


#6. Beverages

Certain beverages also contain phytoestrogens that can help with breast enlargement. These include red wine, white wine, green tea, etc. This also includes soy milk that is produced from soy beans which as already mentioned, contains high amounts of phytoestrogens.


#7. Healthy fats

There are bad fats (trans fats and most saturated fats) which should be avoided. But there are also good or healthy fats that are extremely beneficial for your body as well as breast enhancement.


Bad fats usually sit in your belly making you unhealthy and being difficult to get rid of. Healthy fats are distributed all over the body including your breasts. Healthy fats include polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) and monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs).


Best Foods To Eat For Bigger Breasts-Healthy fats


Both types are beneficial for the body but MUFAs are especially beneficial for breasts and include olives, olive oil, avocados, avocado oil, various nuts, sesame seeds, sesame seed oil, herring, etc.


These are a few of the top natural breast enhancement foods that you need to eat if you want bigger breasts. These help to not only increase the levels of estrogen in the body but also help to control other hormones like testosterone that suppress estrogen and can result in small breasts.


While eating the right foods is important for breast growth, you also need to stop or reduce the consumption of unhealthy foods such as fast foods, drink more water, get adequate sleep, exercise, avoid alcohol (except for a little wine here and there) and carbonated drinks, etc.

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