Boost Your Bust created and written by Jenny Bolton, a medical researcher with over 10 years of experience is a 57-page eBook which provides step-by-step instructions on how to increase your breast size using a variety of natural techniques.

What separates the Boost Your Bust system from most of the other breast enlargement e-books and programs online is the fact that this guide focuses on controlling the hormones that suppress estrogen and breast growth and not on how to boost the estrogen level inside your body.

According to Jenny Bolton her step-by-step formula helped her to go from A Cup to B Cup within only 4 and a half weeks and she promises that by following her Boost Your Bust formula almost every woman will be able to get the very same results in only 4-6 weeks.

However, is it really true? Is it possible for you to get these impressive results with Jenny Bolton’s natural system?

Watch the video below or continue reading to find out all the answers

boost your bust pdf


Does Boost Your Bust Really Work?


Boost Your Bust results vary from person to person and can be influenced by a lot of different factors, but most women who stick to Jenny Bolton’s “Personal Breast Enlargement Routine” see an increase in breast size of around 1/4″-1/2″ per month.

Jenny mentions that the large majority of women reach their goals (which are typically an increase of 1 or 2 cup sizes) at or before 6 months, with many experiencing accelerated results of just 4-6 weeks between cup sizes.

Natural breast enlargement is definitely not something you want to rush. It’s not like you just pop a couple herbal supplements, rub a little cream on your boobs, and suddenly wake up looking like Marisa Miller with the kind of all natural 34D breasts any woman would kill for (and guys drool over).

boost your bust book

It takes time for the body to grow, so if you need to get bigger breasts by next week, then Boost Your Bust is not for you and surgery is probably your only option.

Everything Jenny Bolton teaches inside the Boost Your Bust book is based on actual scientific research about how your breasts are designed, what stimulates them to grow, and how it’s actually possible to make your breasts bigger even if you’re a little older wiser and out of your growth stage.

By using the Boost Your Bust techniques, you can gradually make your breasts larger over time and, best of all, keep them the size you want them to be…whatever size it is that makes you feel confident, sexy, and feminine!

You probably won’t be able to go from a teeny-tiny A-cup to a much larger Double D or something like that, but 1 or 2 cup sizes is definitely within the realm of possibility.

boost your bust review


For most of us, that’s like a huge shot of adrenaline to our confidence and all we need to stop feeling like we aren’t good enough or like we are less of a woman.

Natural breast enlargement sounds a little crazy, I know. Maybe even ridiculous, but it’s really not much different than working out to build and tone your muscles. It just comes down to knowing what to do and how to do it, and that’s exactly where Jenny Bolton’s Boost Your Bust guide really shines.

Boost Your Bust Book Content


We can’t go too much into the details of the Boost Your Bust e-book, as this information is copyrighted. However, we can definitely provide you with a brief overview of what all you’ll find inside it.

Chapter 1 – This chapter focuses on the definition of breasts and how women can grow them constantly.
Chapter 2 – This chapter is about the workings behind natural breast enlargement.
Chapter 3 – It provides a cheat sheet that can help you make your breasts appear bigger at all times.
Chapter 4 – In this chapter, you’ll be provided with all the details related to the ground work before starting with some effective breast enlargement routines.
Chapter 5 – With the help of this chapter, you’ll be able to devise your own personal breast enlargement routines.
Chapter 6 – This chapter details information to ensure that the results obtained from your breast enlargement routines are permanent and irreversible in nature.
Chapter 7 – With the help of information provided in this chapter, you’ll be able to consume exactly the food items that further enhance your breast size.

Boost your bust Pro’s and Cons


Purchasing the guide gives you a personal email contact with the author if you need support. Uses realistic strategies to create body change through diet, specific exercises, and hormonal control, instead of using those shady pills or creams that don’t really work.

The guide teaches one of the most useful, realistic, and effective ‘natural’ strategies I’ve ever seen for breast enhancement.

Gives you a clear and simple routine to follow, so you’ll know exactly what to do each day, each week, and each month, to ensure you get the best results possible from the program.
Realistically aims to gain one to two cup sizes, rather than promising more than it can deliver.

boost your bust pdf


Unlikely to give you more than 2 cup sizes of growth, so if you want to go larger, this isn’t for you (surgery may be the only answer if you want more than 2 cup sizes).

You’ll need to buy a few supplements to get the most of the program (fortunately these are easy to find online, and they aren’t expensive).

Boost your Bust Money Back Guarantee

It’s worth pointing out that Jenny is very confident about her program working for you, and if it doesn’t, she not going to try and keep your money.

This is why she offers a full 60 day money back guarantee with her guide, which means you can claim a refund within 60 days of your purchase date if you aren’t satisfied with your results.

In fact, Jenny says you can claim a refund for any reason at all, so even if you just change your mind, you should still be protected by her generous guarantee.


To summarize everything I’ve covered on this page, Boost Your Bust is perhaps one of the only ‘natural breast enhancement’ programs I’ve found that I can recommend.

Rather than make over-the-top or ridiculous claims, it shows you a realistic strategy for gaining one or two cup sizes within a few months, and it shows you how to maintain these results in the long term.

It won’t be easy, but it isn’t too hard either, just as long as you have the discipline to stick to the program.

This is ideal for anyone who is serious about increasing their bust size without surgery, but similar to a workout program, you need a little time and patience before you can sit back and appreciate the results.

If you’d like to read a copy of the guide yourself, then check out the official website, where you can also learn more about the method, and see what Jenny has to say herself.

boost your bust review

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